This isn’t a review of Manchester By the Sea which I loved for the record.

Casey Affleck has won almost every award for Manchester By the Sea. His portrayal of Lee, a socially inept and detached man who, despite losing literally everything in his life, tries to persevere in his world is nothing short of mesmerizing. It’s a performance that I can picture very few actors being capable of achieving. The character is so well-written and Affleck dissolves into it. Lee is a character of few words so the layers that he reveals are delicate and profound.

Everyone pretty much thought the Oscar was his to lose. Until the SAG Awards came. Losing the SAG to Denzel Washington for Fences suddenly has many saying that the Academy will favor Washington too. And Washington was great in Fences, but it was sort of an over the top, stagey performance overall, and (let’s face it) Viola Davis steals the movie.

Why can’t the Academy Awards favor who DESERVES to win this year? It should not be about anything other than who gave the best performance!

Denzel Washington already has two trophies and Casey Affleck truly earns the award this year. The finest performance of the year!


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